Life Purpose and Intentions-Your Spiritual Security Hope and Guides

This year of 2020 the planet and its inhabitants have reached an evolutionary point in consciousness development. This critical moment in our human evolution is the most awe-inspired event in the modern day history of mankind on earth. As a result, the level of understanding of the true nature of reality and the interrelated nature of all things has grown exponentially. As a result, the whole human species has come to know its innate power and ability to transform a conscious awareness into actualized, physical reality. In a sense, each of us has worked on collectively completing the “Great Commission” which Jesus Christ started with his message of love and compassion. Through the power of the collective consciousness thoughts/ feeling/beliefs, we are now laying down the prerequisites for the growth of the planet, humanity as a whole, humanity in its individual consciousness and in each person’s consciousness. In a sense, we are making the earth a “vibrational metropolis” capable of shedding the heavy, dense, dark vibrations of the dense, dark ages of ignorance and greed. We are raising our collective consciousness vibration; then, we individually and as a whole, will be able to carry this stage of conscious evolution in the extremely complex and intricate detail of the challenges and difficulties that humanity and the planet will be facing.

This evolution “Point Zero” of 2014 is the point at which all consciousness is being brought into physical reality by the divine genetics of each individual soul. We are at a place on the planet where science and spirituality are coming together with the possibility of bringing science and spirituality into a yearly consciousness shift that will alter the future of humanity and the planet.

The earths new vibrational age ” Planned civilization of the Future” will be ushered forth by and through mankind at this critical point in the evolution of humanity where the spiritual dimension ALWAYS over powers the physical dimension. This year of 2014 is our point “Zero” of 2014 because all of humanity at its present vibration has just entered the “Ascension” phase of physical reality overload. In other words, this is the year of DECISIONS.

” DECISIONS” is an older term in searching for meanings of life meaning and purpose and originates with the ancient Egyptian word “Kheiro,” which means “Would.” This ancient Egyptian word suggests that all creation, including the purposes of the most intelligent of spirits, shutdown completely, through the creation of selves and a self-directed soul purpose that was planned, mapped Out and purposefully initiated. This is the “greater” process of self-hypnotic creation that humanity may participate in during the “Ascension” of the Earth through the process of divine genetics on the planet. This is also the “greater” process of filtering the programmed DNA of our species through the environmental and environmental gene pools of planet Earth, and selecting the most suitable genes for self-hypnotic creations and consciousness advancement. This is one of the reasons why so many successful species of Nature have suddenly appeared on Earth. The earth’s gene pools are based on ancient cosmological seeds. It explains the why of “How Nature Works.” The factor that may have gone totally unnoticed is that all creation operates through the same natural processes that nature itself operates. The process of present Earths activities is unique and has never been duplicated by humans on its own.

THE Cricketobia of the mind Copyright and hatmit laughed at the Life Purpose and the intention of universal mind as discussed above is not reflective of humanity’s natural reality as a whole, but rather, the most advanced species of humans. Not realizing full accessibility of the human mind, which is the seed of its species physical reality, the life purpose and development of humans are derived from a reflective process of divine genetics and transcendence of crawling physical reality through an imaginary mind. Humans have an unreal dream of a physical reality that they believe will be manifested through their own unique capabilities and weaknesses on Earth. With this comfort of illusions and the ignorance of the divine mental and spiritual agendas of the non- separates of humanity, it is easy to relate to the behavior of the lower five senses to which it is preyed and wanted to subject itself throughout the sequential stages of human psychological evolution. With the purpose of self-glorification, these creatures live life in such a way as to negatively influence their future physical reality. These creatures remain oblivious to their own pre-determined future on Earth. If any species of mankind were to fully materialize a physical reality that was not originally built by the spirit alone and fully reflected the divine mental and spiritual intent of their spirits alone, it would be the most magnificent and incredible regarded of psychical and spiritual personalities that mankind will ever fathom. Such realities could be achieved only by the spirit alone and not by any physical mechanism of physical construction.